Induction of College Leaders and Year 12 Opening Mass

It was exciting to finally come together last Thursday to welcome and induct the new College leaders, and celebrate the new year in our Opening Mass with Father Andrew

Our Student Leaders are a very impressive team of young people who will lead this community well. But we also know that leadership is more than a title or badge, and that every student in Year 12 has an important role to play. What they do matters greatly.

In my discussion with the students, I spoke about walking in the footsteps of the many wonderful and compassionate Brigidine Sisters over our very long history, and the students and staff who over the generations have left a positive legacy upon our community. The mantle has now passed to the new Year 12 students, to hold in trust the values that are so important to our community: Compassion, Courage, Hope, Hospitality, Justice and Wonder. We wish them every success in 2021, in the knowledge that they have our support and our confidence in their leadership. Thank you to the parents who joined us on Thursday either onsite or online. Your presence was very much appreciated by students and staff.

Congratulations to all Year 12 students and College Captains: Hendris Bourizk and Olivia Cole

Learning Leaders:

Isabella Browne, Phoebe McKiernan, Aston Allen, Evie McMurtrie and Hannah Terry

House Leaders

Barron - Grace Lording and Dylan Ryan

Clancy - Oscar Cole and Hayley Griffin

Kelly - Matilda Cranstoun and Racquel Scott

Synnott - Danieka Clayton and Sam Cairns