The Marian Mathematics Department strives to embrace the philosophy and processes of the Marian College Core Values and our Culture of Learning.

We welcome all and aspire to assist students to achieve their best. Marian College offers a moderated curriculum to allow students to work at their current level. We promote a Growth Mindset in our students with the goal that they learn one thing in every class.

Marian College uses technology to allow students to take ownership of their learning. We will use Google, JacPlus and Mathspace e-learning forums to allow students to manage their own studies while providing quality feedback for students, parents, and teachers.

We provide a differentiated curriculum. Students don't all learn the same way. Marian College teachers work to create a variety of learning opportunities to cater for the different types of learnings.

We strive to engender a love of learning in all our students. We aim to make the curriculum relevant and give students to opportunity to explore concepts that interest them.