Areas of Responsibility

Principal - Mrs. Carmel Barker

Assistant Principal - Wellbeing - Ms. Steph Saravanja

Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching Senior School - Mr. Matthew Summers

Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching Junior School - Ms Michelle Hogan

Assistant Principal - Head of Staff Development - Ms. Alexandra Abela

Business Manager - Mrs. Leonie McGuckian

House Leaders

Barron House - Mrs Erica McConachy

Clancy House - Mrs Mary-Lou Boatman

Kelly House - Mrs Donna Spalding

Synnott House - Mr Nick Lloyd

HUB Leaders

Religion - Ms Deborh Glasson

HUB Leader Culture, Language and English (CAL)

Mrs Stephanie Mansell

Learning Leader Culture, Language and English (CAL)

Mrs Christine Bulger

HUB Leader Physical Education , Art and Technology (PEAT)

Mr Paul McLoughlan

Learning Leader Physical Education, Art and Technology (PEAT)

Mrs Megan Shea

HUB Leader Science and Mathematics (STEM)

Ms. Susan Macpherson

Learning Leader Science and Mathematics (STEM)

Mr. Rodney Clarke

VM and VET - Mrs Dani Smith


Literacy - Ms. Natalie Wirper

Justice and Democracy - Ms. Tanya Waterson

Learning Support - Enhancement - Mrs Rhonda North

Sports - Mr. Matthew Walder

Transition - Mrs. Rhonda North

Drama - Mr. Bas Otto

All staff can be contacted on the College number 5352 3861.